About New Jersey Shirt Shop

Hi there! I'm Michael, the founder of NJ Shirt Shop. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey, and I’ve always had a deep love for the art and music that make our state so vibrant. I graduated from William Paterson College with a major in art, and now, I’m combining my passion for design with my fond memories of growing up in NJ to bring you this unique collection of vintage and retro t-shirts.

Growing up, some of my fondest memories were made in the local stores and hangouts that defined our communities. I still remember the excitement of getting a giant pretzel and soda while shopping at Bradlees with my mom, or the joy of birthday parties at The Ground Round, munching on fried chicken while our parents enjoyed a few drinks. And who could forget the epic nights at Birch Hill, like the time I saw Poison perform live?

These places were more than just stores or venues; they were the backdrop of our lives, the places where we made lasting memories with family and friends. Sadly, many of these beloved establishments are no longer around. But through NJ Shirt Shop, they are reborn and reworn, allowing us to celebrate and cherish our New Jersey heritage.

Each t-shirt is carefully crafted to ensure the artwork is perfect, just like you remember it. And every piece proudly features our NJ Shirt Shop logo, depicting the state we love, a lighthouse, and pine trees, symbolizing our deep connection to New Jersey.

I invite you to explore our collection of nostalgic NJ fashion, share your stories, and wear your NJ pride on your sleeve – literally! Let's keep the spirit of New Jersey alive, one t-shirt at a time.