A Garden of Guitars: The Story of Fountains of Wayne in Wayne, NJ

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Ah, Wayne, NJ. A place known for its suburban charm, its bustling Route 46 corridor, and... a band named after a garden store? That's right, the beloved power-pop outfit Fountains of Wayne didn't just pluck a name out of thin air. Their moniker, brimming with quirky nostalgia, paid homage to a local legend: a garden supply store simply called "Fountains of Wayne."

From Sprinklers to Songwriting: The Birth of a Band Name

The story begins in the early 90s. Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger, future songwriting masterminds of Fountains of Wayne, were just a couple of guys from New Jersey with a shared love for music. As fate would have it, they both found themselves drawn to the same unassuming storefront on Route 46 – Fountains of Wayne.

This wasn't your average Home Depot garden center. Fountains of Wayne was a local landmark, a vibrant splash of color amidst the strip malls and car dealerships. It boasted an impressive selection of everything a suburban gardener could desire – from towering terra cotta planters to whimsical birdbaths. But the real draw, as Collingwood himself recounted, was the "sheer nuttiness" of the place. Imagine a cacophony of concrete ducks, plaster gnomes, and, yes, even a few actual fountains – a veritable feast for the senses.

For these aspiring musicians, Fountains of Wayne offered more than just garden supplies; it offered inspiration. The quirky name, a perfect encapsulation of suburban kitsch, resonated with them. It was catchy, unexpected, and strangely fitting for the kind of music they envisioned – witty, melodic, and firmly rooted in everyday life experiences. And so, Fountains of Wayne, the band, was born, carrying the legacy of the quirky garden store on their metaphorical guitar case.

Beyond the Store: A Wayne Institution

While the band's name may have propelled Fountains of Wayne to national recognition, the actual store held a special place in the hearts of Wayne residents. It wasn't just about buying a new hose or a flamingo lawn ornament; it was about the experience. Stepping through the doors meant entering a wonderland of green thumbs and holiday cheer.

The staff, known for their friendly expertise, were always happy to dispense gardening advice or simply chat about the latest local gossip. But the real magic happened during the holiday season. Fountains of Wayne transformed into a winter wonderland, a dazzling display of Christmas lights and animated figurines that rivaled anything Santa's workshop could offer. Think reindeer soaring through the air, Santas on motorcycles (yes, you read that right!), and a whole nativity scene populated by cherubic (and slightly creepy) dolls. It was a spectacle that brought joy to children and adults alike, a testament to the store's commitment to community spirit.

A Fading Melody: The End of an Era

Sadly, like many beloved local businesses, Fountains of Wayne, the store, couldn't withstand the changing tides of retail. The rise of big box stores and online shopping chipped away at its customer base. In 2009, after decades of serving the Wayne community, the store closed its doors for good. The iconic building stood empty for a few years before being demolished in 2019, leaving behind only memories and photographs of its festive displays.

A Legacy in Song: Fountains of Wayne's Enduring Appeal

However, the spirit of Fountains of Wayne lives on, not just in the memories of Wayne residents, but also in the music of the band that took its name. Fountains of Wayne, the band, carved out a niche in the alternative rock scene with their infectious melodies, witty lyrics, and knack for capturing the bittersweet beauty of everyday life. Their songs, from the sardonic "Stacy's Mom" to the wistful "Radiation Vacation," resonated with a generation, offering a soundtrack to teenage angst, suburban ennui, and the bittersweet joys of growing up.

The connection between the band and the store is undeniable. Just like the garden center celebrated the quirky charm of suburbia, the band's music did the same. Their lyrics, full of references to basements, station wagons, and small-town life, mirrored the experiences of countless young people growing up in places like Wayne.

Fountains of Wayne, the band, may have disbanded in 2013, but their music continues to find new fans. And for those who remember the original Fountains of Wayne, the garden store, the band's name serves as a constant reminder – a reminder of a time when a trip to the hardware store could spark a musical revolution, and a quirky local business could inspire a legacy.

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